Hi, I’m Ekaterina, and I’ve been developing PHP applications for quite some time now. I’ve decided to put up this website because there was a lot of old scripts that were still used, however PHP grows and updates, and those scripts became not compatible with newer versions of PHP, hence they had to be updated. I ported a couple of them to PHP 7, and I’m supporting them by fixing bugs if any occur.

If you’ve been using some of outdated scripts and want them to be ported to PHP 7, feel free to contact me, I might try to help you.

Please note that I only do bugfixes for those scripts, not new features. If you need some new feature for those scripts implemented, you can order it. I also wanted to let you know that I only port old “snippets” in my free time, and only when I have all the details provided to how reproduce an issue.

You can visit my fanlisting collective or drop me a letter.

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